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  • This Special Time of Year

    This Special Time of Year

    Hello friends! It’s December and I thought I would take this moment to give you a glimpse of myself. Most everyone loves this time of year regardless of your religious traditions. It seems almost ingrained in the human experience to love the cold and dark days at the end of December (at least for the…

  • Hae a Braw Wee Christmas

    Hae a Braw Wee Christmas

    Happy December, dear readers! When researching Mistaken Premise, my little nerd heart tap-danced whilst learning the multi-faceted and fascinating history of Christmas in Scotland. As one could expect, there is evidence of neolithic people’s observances of the winter solstice, but the real fun comes after the Viking invasions starting in the eighth-century AD. The Vikings…

  • 5 Amazing News Stories in 2023 – A Day of Thanks and Acknowledgment

    5 Amazing News Stories in 2023 – A Day of Thanks and Acknowledgment

    Medical breakthroughs, endangered repopulations…and more. My fellow Jane Austen-loving authors have recently given you a pleasing plethora of Regency desserts and holiday reflections, so I am taking a brief trip to the present! There is much to be concerned about in the world, but there are also many people working to make it better every…

  • A Trifling Little Dessert

    A Trifling Little Dessert

    To quote Mrs. Bennet, people don’t die of trifling little colds. Serve this to your holiday guests and they may well expire from delight. We’re going to get serious and have a little fun with the English trifle, an antique dessert of fruit, custard, cake, and booze. Lots of booze. People have been enjoying trifles…

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