Author: Don Jacobson

  • Cover Reveal: The Sailor’s Rest

    Cover Reveal: The Sailor’s Rest

    Eleven months ago, my journey toward The Sailor’s Rest began with these words I found squirreled away in a file from April 18, 2022, right after the blog tour for The Grail ended. A gentleman’s greatcoat and beaver most assuredly were not foul weather gear of the type he was used to. Multiple capes did…

  • Jane Austen & Basketball

    Jane Austen & Basketball

    I am always concerned when I write about women’s issues. While I am a student of both Woolf and Coleridge and try to use my androgynous mind, I worry I am writing how a man would see empowered women, blinded by my Weltanschauung. I can only hope that my awareness of my inherently male point…

  • Does the Picture Match the Box?

    Does the Picture Match the Box?

    I hate puzzles. This goes back to my childhood, to those achievement tests the schools insisted you take. My bane (besides spelling) was spatial relations. Those line drawings that you had to fold into a box mentally were the downfall of my existence. Everything else was excellent. Then there were spatial relations where seventy-five percent…

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