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For the past eleven years, November has heralded a personal tradition akin to the changing of leaves: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Each year, I’ve joined the ranks of enthusiastic writers, each of us embarking on a marathon of creativity and endurance to craft 50,000 words in 30 days.

However, this year, the winds of change are blowing through my office, carrying with them a scent of ever-expanding possibilities. For the first time in more than a decade, I’ve decided to let the NaNoWriMo ship sail without me. I am foregoing the challenge to focus my creative energies elsewhere: growing my YouTube channel.

Why this refocus, you may wonder? The answer lies not in a diminished passion for storytelling but in an increasing desire to connect with my audience in a different, more visual, and engaging way. YouTube affords a new avenue for me to share my love for historical romance. Through free full-length audiobooks, author-recorded story readings, short short story (drabble) videos, and more, I hope to bring the Regency era to vivid life for my YouTube community.

Fret not, for my commitment to crafting tales of love and longing remains steadfast. This is not an end to my writing—far from it. It’s an expansion, an exploration of how my stories can transcend the written word and touch the hearts of readers and listeners alike. This year, instead of adding word counts, I’ll be counting new ways to inspire and be inspired by the community that has so warmly embraced the stories I share.

A thousand thanks to those of you who have joined me on this exciting adventure. Your support has been the cornerstone of my writing journey, and now, as I venture into the world of video content, your encouragement means more than ever.

To my fellow NaNoWriMo enthusiasts, I say: Write on! May your November be filled with inspired plot twists and unforgettable characters. As for me, I will cheer you on from the sidelines this season, armed with video and audio file editors instead of a pen and paper.

And to you, my dear readers who are still on the fence, I offer an invitation: step into my virtual parlor, where the conversation is just as rich, the company just as delightful, and the stories, brought to life via brilliant narrations, are as enchanting as ever.

6 responses to “All Good Things Must Come…”

  1. jeanstillman Avatar

    Best wishes for you in your new endeavor. I was flipping through TV selections yesterday and saw one of your audiobooks on YouTube. I had already read the book, but I am sure I will enjoy some of my favorites from you there.

    1. P. O. Dixon Avatar
      P. O. Dixon

      Thank you for your kind wishes! How exciting to know one of my audiobooks came up during your search. Such opportunities for discovery are what I like most about YouTube. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

  2. Marie H Avatar
    Marie H

    I’m so happy to see your channel doing so well. And… I love this graphic!

    1. P. O. Dixon Avatar
      P. O. Dixon

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Providing fresh content for my channel is challenging, but fun. I’m glad you like the graphic.

  3. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    Love the graphic too! I will have to explore YouTube and see what I find! Good luck with your endeavour!

    1. P. O. Dixon Avatar
      P. O. Dixon

      Thanks, Cindie! I appreciate your kind wishes. There’s lots to explore and enjoy on my channel, including one of my holiday stories—author read and recorded and hopefully coming soon!

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