You Say a White Soup Served…Cold?

I am certain many dishes, much like revenge, are best-served cold. I can readily think of two: fruit salad and cucumber sandwiches. I cannot, however, force my brain into thinking that soup is best served cold. A mug of homemade soup or stew on a cold winter’s day is a favorite choice. Therefore, I wince whenever I read of this cold white soup. Interestingly, it was a staple at the Regency-era table—and how white indicated status.

White soup was not a soup made with a milk or cream base; the point was that no red meat be used in the recipe. But allowing for that single specification, every cook then decided what went into it—unless the mistress of the house made her preferences known. While the whiter ingredients, such as pure white flour and pure white sugar, cost more, other ingredients also changed the color of the dish.

Much effort was put into the stock, depending on the size of the gathering. The cook might add herbs and vegetables, such as celery from the kitchen gardens, and white rice to the boiling chicken or other white meat. Once the stock was strained, the cook added flour and sugar. Other ingredients like cream, eggs, almonds, or parsley were added before serving the dish.

I discovered a few recipes that are perfect as the weather turns colder. If you try any, please let us know if you enjoyed your creation and what ingredient you added or swapped to make it more suit your tastes!

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6 responses to “You Say a White Soup Served…Cold?”

  1. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    It sounds interesting kind of. It sounds like a DIY project since you can choose your ingredients.

    1. kimbelle1 Avatar

      I considered the same thing, and it’s not a small one at that! But I did love the idea that each time it might be served it would be different, which makes it more interesting than, say, a shelf full of soup cans. I do intend to try it, but chilled soup…not something I find appealing as I enjoy hot soups and stews on rainy days with a good book!

  2. suzanlauder Avatar

    I’ve had white soup twice at Jane Austen functions where the chef used Regency recipes, and both times, it was hot.

    1. kimbelle1 Avatar

      THAT gives me some hope! I would definitely try each dish as the congealing is what makes me go eww. I hope it was as delicious as some of the recipes I saw promised!

  3. KLM Avatar

    I’ve don’t recall ever seeing mention of it chilled on purpose.

    Cold due to plot points delaying the meal maybe. But not cold on purpose.

    1. kimbelle1 Avatar

      It is true that there are both intentional mentions of delays for fun plot points and ones that intentionally served cold. I just wanted to learn more about it and hoped others would find it an interesting post for the start of the holiday season.

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