My youngest daughter has been in the hospital for a few weeks with a serious, but not life-threatening, illness. She is improving, but slowly. I’ve been staying near the hospital with her (a massive thank you to everyone who has ever given to the Ronald McDonald House charity—what a blessing to have a room there!). I can safely say that this episode ranks right up near the top of Least Fun Experiences in my life.

On the other hand, there’s a great camaraderie among parents of kids in the hospital. We do sound a little like people in prison movies as we greet each other with things like, “What are you in for?” or “How long are you in for?” And, of course, as I’ve been sitting in a hospital room, I can’t help but think of Jane Austen’s invalids: Louisa Musgrove, Mrs. Smith, Marianne Dashwood, and so on.  But for comic relief, I turn to Jane Austen’s hypochondriacs, namely Mrs. Bennet and Mary Musgrove. Perhaps it is the lack of sleep, but it amused me to make memes for the sentiments expressed by those ladies, and I offer them to you in hopes that they might raise a chuckle or two!

I do hope Mary Musgrove and Mrs. Bennet would be flattered by the attention!

13 responses to “So Very, Very Ill”

  1. Glynis Avatar

    My twin grandsons were born ten weeks early so were in intensive care. My son and his wife were lucky enough to stay in the nearby Ronald McDonald House. They were so grateful that for the boys’ Christening they asked for donations to RMH instead of gifts.
    I’m sorry, I must go and lie down after that exertion, you do not know how I suffer! Marrying off daughters is extremely hard and looking after young children? Well! I’m not sure how many I have but it’s very tiring!

    1. Barbara Cornthwaite Avatar

      Yes, you must go and rest. Immediately! 🙂

    2. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      How scary for the twins to be over two months early, Glynis. I hope they continue to do well.

  2. elaineowenauthor207097889 Avatar

    I hope your daughter is soon well enough to go home, Barbara! Thank you for providing humor for the rest of us even in these trying times!!!

    1. Barbara Cornthwaite Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. jeanstillman Avatar

    So sorry. I do hope your child is well soon and your family is able to turn to a normal routine. Prayers being sent your way.

    1. Barbara Cornthwaite Avatar

      Thank you so much!

  4. Regina Jeffers Avatar

    Offering prayers for your daughter’s continued recovery.

    1. Barbara Cornthwaite Avatar

      I really appreciate that, Regina!

  5. Deanna Rabe Avatar

    I love these Barbara!
    I know that sweet girl is getting better and I am so grateful!

  6. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    Nice to have something to smile and chuckle about!lol Hope your daughter is better soon and go home.

  7. Kirstin Odegaard Avatar

    I hope very much your daughter feels better soon. What a very hard thing to watch her go through. Sending good thoughts to you all.

    That quote about the sore throats was great. I will have to use it next time I’m sick.

    1. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      Hope your daughter gets well soon, Barbara. No matter their age, we worry about our children. My daughter just survived being hit by a drunk driver doing about 50 MPH and never slowing down in spite of traffic being stopped for a red light. Caused a five car pileup, destroyed my car, injured my daughter when neither airbag deployed, and she will be seeing doctors and in therapy probably for months. And I will worry for the entire time in spite of the fact she’s in her 50’s. Our children are precious to us.

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