Imagine Miss Bates with a cell phone! Below are a few fun text conversations from the cast of Emma.

FrankieC: I’ve got good news and bad news.

Jane: I’m listening.

FrankieC: The good news is that I told my grandparents about us.

Jane: Finally!  And?

FrankieC: The bad news is they hate you.

Jane: Oh.

FrankieC: And if we stay together, they’ll cut me off.  Like, I’ll get NOTHING.

Jane: Oh.  Well, that’s bad.  But we love each other, right?  We can make it work.

FrankieC: Of course I love you!  But how would I get money?  We can’t live on nothing.

Jane: You could maybe get a job?

FrankieC: LOL!

Wait.  Were you serious?


Harriet: Hey!  I’m having an I’m-over-Elton-party.  Wanna come?

Emma: Sure!  So glad you’re feeling better!  What are we going to do?


Emma: Oh.  Uh, can’t wait.


Miss Bates: Emma, dear.  Such good news.  Jane texted me.  I’m sure you’ll want me to read them to you!  I know how you like for me to read you her texts.

Miss Bates:  So funny.  I can see you through my window across the street.  It looks like you’re looking at your phone.  But you’re not answering.

Miss Bates: Technology is so funny!  Perhaps they didn’t go through.  I’ll call you then.

Miss Bates: So funny!  I can hear the phone ringing from across the street, but you are not answering.  You will be so sad to see you missed these texts, but not to worry.  I’ll stop by right now.

Miss Bates:  Oh, you’re pulling out in your car.  You’re in quite a hurry, too!  I’ll text you again later, then?  I’m sure you’d like that, and I’ll read you all of Jane’s texts.  There are quite a few!  That’ll be such fun, won’t it? 


Harriet: Oh my Goddards!  Did you hear that Frank and Jane have been SECRETLY engaged this WHOLE TIME???

Emma: Whoa.  No.  Are you sure?

Harriet: Definitely.  Do you feel TOTALLY WEIRD about how you and Frank flirted so much?

Emma: Yeah.  Yeah, I do.

Harriet: And you did it in front of Jane!!  Do you think she hates you?  She acts like she does.

Emma: Yeah.  Yeah, she does.

Harriet: Anyway!  Just wanted to pop you a note to cheer you up! 

I’m meeting Knightley now.  Fingers crossed that he finally makes a move, lol!

Emma: Yeah.  Thanks for cheering me up.


Mr.W: So you’re in love with my daughter.  I’m happy for you both.

Knightley: But?

Mr.W: Well, you watched her grow up.  You’re sort of like her uncle.

Knightley: Sort of.  But not officially!

Mr.W: And when did it even start?

Like, when she was 8, were you in love with her?  Tell me it didn’t start when she was 8.

Knightley: No!  That’d be weird. 

It was more like 13.

Mr.W: Thirteen.

Wow.  Just…wow.

Knightley: I’m thinking now I should have said 18?

Mr.W: I’m going to need a little time with this one, Knightley.

Knightley: Right-o!  Take all the time you need!

And, not to rush you, but can we live at your place?

Too soon?

Sorry. We’ll come back to this, yeah?


You can find more fun texting conversations in my newest release.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

6 responses to “Emma & LOL!”

  1. Glynis Avatar

    Definitely LOL! It’s strange that Emma couldn’t hear her phone when Miss Bates was texting and ringing? Possibly temporary deafness? Thank you for this Monday morning smile! 🙂

    1. Kirstin Odegaard Avatar

      So peculiar, isn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks for your good thoughts!

  2. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    What a fun post!lol I wonder what Jane Austen would think of all this technology!lol You can always use a smile on a Monday!

    1. Kirstin Odegaard Avatar

      Wouldn’t it be fun if Jane were around to see how many movies have been made of her books? I always think it’s a shame that she can’t know how appreciated she is now.

      Thanks for commenting, Cindie.

  3. Riana Everly Avatar

    That’s fun! The passage from Miss Bates was spot on!

    1. Kirstin Odegaard Avatar

      Sometimes I think Miss Bates is one of Austen’s best characters!

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