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Something to Celebrate: A New Audiobook on the Horizon



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June is Audiobook Appreciation Month. Hooray! I’ve celebrated the occasion in one form or another since June 2013, when it was simply June is Audiobook Month.

Today just happens to be a Thursday. In the spirit of #throwbackthursday here are some of my favorite audiobook graphics that I shared way back when.

My audiobook creation journey has come a long way, from signing exclusive seven-year contracts with ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) in exchange for generous stipends and narrator royalty share options to ultimately paying for my audiobook productions up front, completely out of pocket. With so many copies sold through the years, I ceased keeping track once I crossed the ten-thousand sales mark some years ago.

And now, I am sharing my catalog of full-length audiobooks on my YouTube channel for free. Ideally, YouTube will monetize my channel after it gains one thousand subscribers. I plan to use part of the proceeds from YouTube ads to create more audiobooks.

I am happy to say my YouTube channel subscriber count is steadily increasing. Who is to say when it reaches the one-thousand mark? It could be a matter of months or a matter of weeks—dare I say days? A lady can always hope!

In preparation for the momentous occasion, I’m working with award-winning narrator and producer, Pearl Hewitt, to create a new audiobook. This is our first collaboration in more than five years—the first of many to come, if possible.

Here’s a snippet for your listening pleasure:

Subscribe to my YouTube channel today and be among the first to listen to the full-length audiobook edition of Something to Think Of when it premieres. I hope to see you there.

Happy listening!

2 responses to “Something to Celebrate: A New Audiobook on the Horizon”

  1. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    Awesome post! Love the snippet from the book! I Can’t get Audible on my tablet but your YouTube channel might be an outlet! I like your narrator and it was Great fun to listen!

    1. P. O. Dixon Avatar
      P. O. Dixon

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you loved the first chapter. Listening to Something to Think Of on my YouTube channel when it premieres is a great choice. It may take a while for the audiobook to be available at the retailers.

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