10 Best Disney Burns Applied to Jane Austen Characters

This funny set of Disney quotes on Bored Panda inspired me! I love memes. Do you agree with my connections?

Enjoy the jokes and laughs!

Pride and Prejudice:

10. Lizzy and Charlotte throwing shade at Mr. Darcy the first time he comes to the Assembly:

9. Mrs. Bennet when Kitty keeps coughing:

8. Lizzy, after Mr. Collins has spoken for a page and a half without a full stop:

7. Lizzy with Mr. Darcy, when she realizes he fully thought she was going to say yes to his first proposal:

6. Lady Catherine coming all the way to Longbourn to shame Lizzy for getting engaged to Darcy:

5. Lizzy, after Lady Catherine has come all the way to Longbourn to yell at her:

Mansfield Park:

4. Fanny Price, after arriving at Mansfield Park and internalizing her shock and grief at leaving her family:

3. Mrs. Norris bringing up Fanny Price:

2. Fanny Price wearing hand-me-downs from her cousins:

  1. And last, but not least, for Catherine Moreland of Northanger Abbey:

Thanks for reading! I’m off to finish the final formatting for my next book, Starch and Strategy, which will be published April 25, 2023!

Corrie Garrett

8 responses to “10 Best Disney Burns Applied to Jane Austen Characters”

  1. Regina Jeffers Avatar

    I like the Mrs. Norris bringing up Fanny Price one best.

    1. Corrie Garrett Avatar

      That was one of my favorites too!

  2. Author Cherith Boardman Avatar

    Thank you for the diverting break from my own WIP. Godspeed on your coming release.

    1. Corrie Garrett Avatar

      Haha, you are welcome! Thanks!

  3. Riana Everly Avatar

    Those are fun! I love the one from Mulan. Dishonour on your cow!

    1. Corrie Garrett Avatar

      Right? I can hear his voice say it–love that movie!

  4. Barbara Cornthwaite Avatar

    Love these!!! Thanks for brightening my day with a laugh!

  5. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    So funny! I love these what a way to make you smile!😀

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