Riana Everly

Now, a resident of Ontario, Canada, Riana Everly was actually born in South Africa, where she lived until the age of eight. Musically inclined, Riana is a trained classical musician, specialising in Baroque and early Classical music. She can often be found playing in string quartets, along with her friends. Riana lives in Toronto with her family, where she regularly takes advantage of the beauty of the Ontario province. She and her husband love to bike and sightsee together.

With a degree in Medieval Studies, one might wonder why Riana chose to write Austen-inspired tales. She claims her father handed her a copy of Austen’s Emma when she was only 11, and she immediately fell in love with the book and the author.

The Assistant, Ms. Everly’s second novel, was presented the Jane Austen Award by Jane Austen Readers’ Awards, while her debut novel, Teaching Eliza, was listed among the 2017 Favourite Books by Savvy Verse & Wit.

Jane Austen-Inspired Novels 

Through a Different Lens

Death of a Clergyman: Miss Mary Investigates

Death in Highbury: Miss Mary Investigates

Death of a Dandy: Miss Mary Investigates

Teaching Eliza 

The Bennet Affair 

The Mystery of the Missing Heiress 

Preludes: A Modern Persuasion Improvisation 

The Assistant 

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream 

Much Ado in Meryton 

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