P. O. Dixon

It is a natural assumption P.O. Dixon’s love of historical England made her a best-selling author of historical fiction, which it did, but such a statement does not take into account the element of creativity and of hard work and of a curiosity about the Regency era and its oh, so proper decorum, as well as Ms. Dixon’s ardent appreciation for Jane Austen writing style. All these things set her on her writer’s journey. As they say, read Ms. Dixon’s tales and become “Bewitched, Body and Soul.”

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Jane Austen-Inspired Novels 

Mr. Darcy, the Heir of Pemberley

Abounds with Gaieties

Christmas, Love and Mr. Darcy

Christmas Sealed with a Kiss 

Christmas Time After Time

To Refuse Such a Man

Which That Season Brings 

After Last Night with Mr. Darcy

Almost Persuaded: Miss Mary King

As Good as a Lord

Bewitched, Body and Soul

By Reason, by Reflection, by Everything

Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth

Designed for Each Other 

Expecting His Proposal 

Expecting His Wife

A Favorite Daughter

Gravity: Shades of Mr. Darcy

He Taught Me to Hope

Her Spirits Rising to Playfulness

Hope and Sensibility

Impertinent Stranger

Irrevocably Gone

Lady Elizabeth: Everything Will Change

So Far Away: Everything Will Change

A Lasting Love Affair

Love Will Grow

To Have His Cake (and Eat it Too)

Matter of Trust

The Means of Uniting Them

Miss Elizabeth Bennet: Where the Heart Lives

Most Ardently, Most Unknowingly in Love 

A Night with Mr. Darcy to Remember

Only a Heartbeat Away

Pride and Sensuality

Somebody Else’s Gentleman

Something to Think Of 

Still a Young Man in Love

‘Tis the Season for Matchmaking

Together in Perfect Felicity

What He Would Not Do


Forever, for Always, for Love

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: For You to Love

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: Always and Forever

To Make Her His Wife

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