Kirstin Odegaard

Kirstin Odegaard has loved Jane Austen since that first high school reading of Pride and Prejudice and that first viewing of Colin Firth emerging dripping from the lake.  She also loves YA—because there’s nothing more romantic than a hundred-year-old vampire wooing a high school student.  Or those awkward first stages of love teens dance through while slaughtering their peers in an arena.  She combines her loves by penning YA versions of Austen classics, translating Regency struggles into modern, teenage problems.  (She likes reading and writing about adults falling in love too.)

When she’s not writing, Kirstin runs a tutoring center, where she advises students on solving for X and on which date to take to prom.  She enjoys going for long runs, practicing yoga, savoring a hot cup of tea, and consuming large quantities of cheese.  She lives with her husband, three children, and small dog in California. 

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Jane Austen-Inspired Novels: 

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Contemporary Romance: 

Elle Oh Elle!

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