Kimbelle Pease

Kim lives in New England with her husband, a former Marine, and her daughter. When not writing, she enjoys playing open-world video games or watching a good movie or rooting for her favorite sports team.

Having previously served in the military herself, Kim is immensely proud and grateful for the experiences she had, as well as the men and women with whom she served.

Her current day job permits her to “write,” but the pieces she produces there are more of a technical nature. The truth is they lack the excitement and humor and wit found in what she creates in her spare time.

One who reads a story created by Kimbelle Pease will quickly realize, Kim enjoys mixing things up. She not only bends the rules of writing, one might say she “breaks them.” Kim’s JAFF stories are likely to hold changes in the events and the characters. She adores adding interesting twists, basically anything (well, perhaps, almost anything) goes in producing an original story, fanciful or not. Kim hopes her readers find moments of humor or just a means to escape the humdrum parts of their lives, just as she has from her own favorite novels.

Jane Austen-Inspired Novels 

Love by Turns 

Something New to Observe 

The Formation of Just Such a Plan 

Twelve Dates with Gentlemen Friends (modern Austen tale)

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