Gianna Thomas

Before writing Jane Austen variations, Gianna Thomas had written non-fiction for many years. However, it was a love of Austen and the stories she discovered on the various Jane Austen Fan Fiction sites which hooked Ms. Thomas into writing her own tales. Like many authors who attempt to go about their daily lives without interruption, Gianna found she could not quite shake the various Pride and Prejudice plots running through her head. It became necessary for her to write them down. Soon she was hooked because we all know writing romance plots is so much more interesting than writing non-fiction.

In Gianna’s tales, Darcy and Elizabeth always manage to find their Happily Ever After. Yet, one can also enjoy the “bad guys” earning a bit of mayhem. Stylistically, her main characters mature on their way to their HEA. Periodically, she touches on difficult subjects; however, Gianna’s stories lack “steam,” unless one prefers a hot cup of tea. Intimacy only occurs behind closed doors and between a married couple.

Jane Austen-inspired Novels 

Darcy Vs Wickham

   Darcy Vs Elizabeth

Darcy Vs Lady Catherine

Darcy Vs Bingley

The Darcy and Elizabeth Collection

Elizabeth Choice

Darcy Chooses: An Accident, a Chance Meeting, a Dance and Romance (Part 1)

Darcy Chooses: What Choices Will Darcy and Elizabeth Make (Part 2)

The Women of Longbourn (Part 1)

Attending a Ball (Part 2)

Regency Novels 

Lord Windmere

Lord Weirlane

Lord Foxdown

Lord Brookton

The Four Lords Saga Collection

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