E.M Storm-Smith

Like many who come to Austen-inspired tales, E.M. Storm-Smith has worn a variety of hats in her lifetime. She has been a mother, a wife, a lover of good literature, a former engineer, and a lawyer. Possessing a lifelong obsession for books and the power a well-written story, E.M. made the decision to create her own tales. For years, she wrote about characters she loved; now, it is her turn to create characters others will adore.

A life-long reader, E.M. spends an inordinate amount of time reading the tales others have written, preferably in a place which includes traveling, sunshine, and cooking, especially with chocolate as the primary ingredient. To “pay the bills,” so to speak, E.M. is an attorney who works with public companies and nonprofit organizations, assisting them in increasing their reach, meeting financial goals, securing their future, and investing in impact sectors.

Jane Austen-Inspired Novels: 

Reputation, An Easy Thing to Lose

Coming Soon …

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