Corrie Garrett

Corrie Garrett’s journey to role as an author was not as straightforward as it was for others. Her higher level degrees are in History and Political Science, as well as Computer Science. However, in 2010, she discovered NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and her love of science fiction and romance turned slightly away from her love of computers and history. Not completely, mind you. Just slightly.

Corrie has channeled all her favorites into her writing. Classic science fiction, like that from Isaac Asimov and Andre Norton, appears in her tales, which incorporate science fiction and fantasy. Her love of retellings, especially myths, Bible stories, and the classics, also appear with some regularity in her stories.

Corrie now lives in Morgantown, West Virginia, where she claims her own happily ever after (HEA) with her husband, four children, and a lot of very pushy fictional characters.

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Jane Austen-Inspired Novels 

The Highbury Variation:

From Highbury with Love

From London with Loyalty

From Pemberley with Luck

An Austen Ensemble:

A Lively Companion

 A True Likeness 

A Gentle Touch

Sweet Regency Saga:

Starch and Strategy

Propriety and Piquet

Short stories:

One Winter’s Ball 

Modern Variations:

Pride and Prejudice and Passports 

Austen Anthology

An Austen Ensemble Trilogy 


The Rise and Fall of Jane Eyre

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