Bethany Delleman

Living in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, her sons, and a small menagerie of pets, Bethany Delleman has been writing seriously since she acquired her first computer at the age of fifteen. In fact, in her other life, she has published several scientific papers in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and family medicine.

As to Austen, she first “met” the lady in high school in 2005 when she saw Pride and Prejudice. Immediately, she bought the book, devoured it, and became a Janeite. Bethany really took to Jane Austen and JAFF at the beginning of the pandemic. Like many, she was wishing for some sort of entertainment beyond endless streaming services. After reading all of Jane Austen’s works, even Lady Susan, she was driven to write some of her own continuations, crossovers, and variations. Although she claims Mansfield Park as her favorite Austen tale, Bethany admits it is very hard to choose between the six major novels from Austen. She cheekily confided, “I really love the idea of all of Jane Austen’s characters being in the same fictional England and knowing each other.”

Follow Bethany at her Tumblr blog: Musings on Jane Austen

And there are tons of short stories and previews available on her website

Jane Austen-Inspired Novels 

Unfairly Caught: A Mansfield Park Variation 

Prideful & Persuaded: A Jane Austen Crossover Romance

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