Amanda Kai

Living in, Texas, with her husband and three children, Amanda Kai’s creative side has never waned. With a background in performing arts, both as a successful professional harpist and having trained as a ballerina, storytelling came naturally to her. Her fondness for period dramas and classical literature led her to begin writing Jane Austen variations and other historical and contemporary romances. She has written several stories based on Pride and Prejudice, including Not In Want of a Wife, Marriage and Ministry, and Elizabeth’s Secret Admirer

Jane Austen-Inspired Books: 

Not in Want of a Wife

A Favorable Impression (arriving April 2023)

Elizabeth’s Secret Admirer

Marriage and Ministry


Christmas at Hunsford Parsonage

Christmas Celebrations Anthology (2021)

Celebrations de Navidad Antologia (2021)

Contemporary and Historical Titles:

Love at the Library

Keys: A Marie Antoinette Story

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