Choose Your Own Adventure- Pride and Prejudice Style

One of my favorite things about reading and writing Pride and Prejudice variations is exploring all the possible “what if” scenarios. The slightest change can alter the storyline in vastly different ways, allowing the characters to arrive at their happily ever after by a different path, or sometimes carving out a wholly different ending entirely.

When I was a kid, I was addicted to the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Each book had a different storyline, written in second-person tense, where you were the protagonist of the story. At periodic intervals, you would have to make a choice about what your character should do, then turn to the appropriate page number to keep reading. Each series of choices led to a different ending. Of course, I always had to read each book multiple times and try out all the different choices until I got all the possible endings!

Who remembers these?

Therefore, this month, I’ve decided to create my own Choose Your Own Adventure story, Pride and Prejudice style, using Google Forms. You get to be Elizabeth Bennet, and your choices will determine whether your story ends in happiness…or disaster! There are multiple endings, so feel free to play as many times as you like until you get them all. The story gets pretty wacky at times, so please remember- this is all just for fun!

After you play, I hope you’ll also check out the books I’ve written in The Other Paths Series

Choose your own adventure- Pride and Prejudice style

Which path will you choose, and will it lead in happiness or disaster?

Follow the path for your own adventure. Play as may times as you like until you get the ending you want!

Two different paths to Happily Ever After…

Not In Want of a Wife– The Other Paths Series, Book 1

What if Darcy and Elizabeth pretended to court?
Mr. Darcy is not in want of a wife. At least, not one that loves him for his money. Tired of being sought for his fortune, Darcy decides the only way to stave off the greedy ladies is to make himself unavailable.

Elizabeth Bennet is determined not to enter a loveless marriage. But her mother is bent on ensuring her daughters capture a wealthy husband at all costs.

Seeing themselves in a similar predicament, Darcy and Elizabeth come up with a convenient arrangement: they will pretend to court. Mr. Darcy will get a reprieve from the husband hunters, and Elizabeth can satisfy her mother that she has landed a suitor.

But pretending to be in love has consequences- ones that send Darcy and Elizabeth on a wild and tangled ride. When their partnership ends, will Darcy and Elizabeth find a way to express the love in their hearts, or will they part ways for good?

A clean, Regency-era Pride and Prejudice variation. Medium angst with a HEA.

A Favorable Impression– The Other Paths Series, Book 2

What if Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy met at Pemberley?

Mr. Darcy returns home, only to find strangers taking a tour! Learning they have mutual friends, Darcy invites the Gardiners and their nieces to stay for his house party. Elizabeth Bennet’s wit and vivacity make a favorable impression on Darcy, and she is equally impressed with his kindness and generosity.

Mr. Darcy expects the rest of the Bennets will be as well-mannered and genteel. Instead, they are loud, vulgar, and rude. What’s worse, the youngest sister has eloped with Mr. Darcy’s nemesis!

Still, Darcy believes if he can swallow his pride and ask Elizabeth to marry him, she will certainly accept. He did not anticipate her also having a sense of pride…

Elizabeth knows her family is far from perfect, but to be told she’s loved despite their faults is an outrage. Darcy’s degrading proposal convinces her that she was sorely mistaken about his character.

Can Darcy regain Elizabeth’s good opinion after such favorable impressions have been utterly dashed? Or will his charming cousin steal her heart?

A clean, Regency-era Pride and Prejudice variation with low angst and a HEA.

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On Valentine’s Day, Elizabeth Bennet is surprised to receive a card from a mysterious sender. This marks the start of an ongoing correspondence between her and her secret admirer. But what will she do when she learns that the man she has been writing to is none other than the man she despises most? And what will happen when she realizes that she no longer hates him, but has fallen in love with him? A sweet variation on Pride and Prejudice sure to make your heart melt.

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