Decisions, decisions, decisions!

As an author, sometimes I have to think about the length of my next project. And in looking at the Pride and Prejudice Variations I’ve written so far, I find that their lengths do vary. I’m looking at single books, not series.

Title                                                   Number of Pages   

Attending a Ball (Prequel)                       44                              

Women of Longbourn (Prequel)               66                           

Darcy Chooses                                             552                            

Darcy Vs Bingley                                        239                            

Darcy Vs Lady Catherine                          187                            

Darcy Vs Elizabeth                                     121                            

Darcy Vs Wickham                                     97                               

Elizabeth’s Choice                                       206                            

Lord Windmere                                          166                              

Lord Weirlane                                             126  

Lord Foxdown                                             155                            

Lord Brookton                                             154                            

As it is, my next project is, of course, EBBD or Elizabeth Bennet’s Bad Days. This will probably be of novella length. The nice thing about novellas is that they are great for marathon readers such as me. I am a voracious reader BUT, I really prefer to sit down, read a book, and keep reading until I’m finished without pausing for the next day. In other words, I love reading without interrupting the process with sleep. However…this brings it’s own list of problems. I might not get much done the next day because I’m sleeping. 😊 So, I find novellas fulfill my need to read quite well if they include a beginning, a happy ending, and a middle that gets all the questions answered and all the strife settled. 😊😊

My question to you readers is: Which do you prefer: full length novels or novellas or both and why?

Your question to me probably is: Why do you ask that? My answer is I have around 50 plots/premises and am considering what I’m going to do with them. A number of them allow for series of 4-5 books. These I most likely will write as novellas and as stand-alones so they can be read separately in any order.

I can also write them quicker than a 44 chapter novel, like Darcy Chooses. This will allow me to write 2-4 books a year versus Darcy Chooses which was written in two parts with Part 2 being published about a year after Part 1.

Another reason I am considering novella length is that lately I’ve read several extremely lengthy variations and even quit reading one of them as it was becoming tedious due to the length although well written. I have to admit that my tendency to marathon read does affect my attitude toward a very long novel. I will also say that reading a variation that gave the life history of all the characters in the book was a bit too much. ☹

So, would you be amenable to me writing novellas for the most part if I cover all the bases?

Now, I have another question. I’m going to list a small number of the possible ideas that I have for books. Please let me know which you would like to read.

1. Darcy’s Wicked Cousin – Wickham wants Pemberley for his own and seeks to eliminate Darcy as he is Darcy’s heir. Wickham is son of William Wickham’s brother and George Darcy’s sister.

2. Bennet vs Bingley – There is immediate animosity between Elizabeth Bennet and Caroline Bingley. Caroline instinctively knows that Darcy is attracted to Elizabeth, and Miss Bingley is livid. She does everything she can to destroy Elizabeth’s reputation, and Elizabeth spurns Darcy while engaging in battles of words with Charles’ younger sister. Comes to a showdown when Caroline attempts to disfigure Elizabeth.

3. The Indignity of It All – At the Netherfield Ball, Elizabeth brings up the subject of Darcy’s refusal to give Wickham the living at Kympton. Darcy, instead of refusing to discuss it, is willing to discuss it in detail.

4. Come Dance with Me – Darcy doesn’t insult Elizabeth at the Meryton Assembly. What would happen if he did dance with her and wanted to know her better. And what if he was the one to leave without saying goodbye, and Bingley stayed to marry Jane.

5. That Which Glitters – Elizabeth is attracted to Darcy, but Darcy is being pursued by a female after his money and property (plotting to have him killed after marrying him). She seems genuinely in love with him, and he is smitten without realizing that she is false. Will he marry her and die or will Elizabeth be able to win his heart after all and save him.

Let me know what you think.

UPDATE: I would like to publish EBBD the end of this month. However, I’ve been under the weather the entire month of May with a bug? or aftereffects of COVID or huge pollen count or all three. It’s really been a rough month so it might be July. At any rate, my next post will be July 3rd, and I’m planning on doing the next chapter before publishing. I also plan a little bit more fleshing out in the finished book of the chapters I’ve already done and will include ‘In the eye of the cobra’ toward the conclusion. 😊

12 responses to “Should It be a Novel or a Novella?”

  1. Regina Jeffers Avatar

    Looking forward to EBBD. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      Thank you, Regina. I have good days and not so good ones. I’ve also heard it can take a year to completely recover from COVID. What a crock!

      As to EBBD, it will be a little bit different but one that I hope everyone enjoys in spite of a few surprises. 🙂

  2. Adriana Avatar

    Hello! Although I read books of any size quickly, lately I’ve preferred books of less than 250 pages because of my limited free time and also because I don’t like to stop a good book in the middle, only to restart it sometimes days later. Regarding the other question, I would really like to read the ideas for books numbers 2 and 4.

    1. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      I’m with you Adriana. I definitely do not like start and stop reading, and restarting several days later makes it difficult to keep up with the plot as well.

      As to ideas 2 and 4, I’ll see what I can come up with. 🙂

  3. Glynis Avatar

    I’d go with number 3 I think. I do prefer to read long books mostly but don’t mind shorter ones as long as they are a complete stand alone story. I’ve stopped buying when it’s one story split into several very short books. I will happily buy a story split into two or three if it’s too long to be a single book. I’ve been caught in the past by a story of around a hundred pages only to find that it’s part of a series which completes the story, all about the same length. The total number of pages is often less that 500 which could obviously have been one single book.

    1. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      I’ll consider plot #3 as a possible after EBBD. That might be a good one to go in a completely different direction in bringing Darcy and Elizabeth together.

      My ‘Four Lords’ Series’ that I included above was about 600 pages and was promoted by my former publisher. None of the books were standalones and all but the last ended in cliffhangers. I will not do a series like that again as I don’t think readers appreciate having to wait for each book since the plot is ongoing and not resolved until the last book of four. That was one of the reasons I put all four in one volume, and any series in the future will always be standalones because I think they give a more satisfactory read.

      As to cliffhangers, I love them so I get my jollies by putting them at ends of chapters and different places throughout my books. 🙂

  4. Linda A. Avatar
    Linda A.

    I’m good with novellas, as long as it is a complete story. I like to complete a book in one sitting, too. And, if a book is waaaay too long, I actually forget what happened at the beginning, especially if it takes me days to finish it.

    I agree: #2, 3 and 4 would be my top picks.

    1. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      I agree, Linda. If it’s a shortie, I want it complete as well.

      Some of the lengthy books I’ve read, I stuck with because they were so well written, and I could keep the basic plot in mind. But I’m like you if it is waaay too long. I keep feeling like I need to reread and reread. I’m learning to avoid those if I can.

      With my novellas, I’ll do my best to make them complete and interesting without losing the plot. When EBBD publishes, please let me know if I achieved that goal. 🙂

  5. cindie snyder Avatar
    cindie snyder

    I like choices 4 and 5 they both sound great! Hope you get better! I love to read long or short books but when I get close to the end then I do want to finish it.

    1. Gianna Thomas Avatar
      Gianna Thomas

      Thank you, Cindie. Glad you like 4 and 5. So now I need to decide what to do after EBBD.

      And I am like you when nearing the end of a book. I have finished many a variation in the wee hours of the morning simply because I couldn’t wait to finish it. 🙂

  6. Ciera G. Avatar
    Ciera G.

    Hi! I feel the same way about novellas and then reading a full length novel. This is why I read P&P variations on KU and then will almost immediately go to FFN and read short stories. I really like all your ideas for stories but I’d have to say that my favorites are 2, 4, and 5. I hope you feel better! My whole family suffers have allergy attacks and we actually end up getting head colds from them sometimes :/

  7. Gianna Thomas Avatar
    Gianna Thomas

    Thank you, Ciera. I appreciate your best wishes. My health overall has always been good. However, now that I’m much older, I’m not as spry as I would like. My condolences to your family also.

    I do the same as to how I read. Reading in KU allows me to see whether or not I want to add a book to my library. Basically I enjoy all the P&P variations I read, however, the ones I really like and would read again are the ones I buy.

    I also enjoy the stories on as well. The only downer is that sometimes the authors may write in their spare time, and there can be weeks or months in between chapters. One story I’ve read for about three years and haven’t seen the ending yet. And it was a really good one about how the Bennets were defending the area. Hopefully, one day she will publish it and I see how it ends. 🙂

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