Announcing the Winners of the “Always Loving Austen” Giveaway

Thank you to all who gave our first giveaway a try. We appreciate everyone who has gone on this journey with us.

Remember . . .

  1. Check all the names in RED to determine if you are one of our winners. We have more than 25 winners.
  2. If your prize is an eBook, audiobook, gift card, etc., we will require a working email address to deliver the prize.
  3. If your prize is a print book, Jane Austen items, etc., we will require both a name and mailing address to deliver the prize. Keep in mind, the postal systems in ALL countries are no longer the streamlined organizations to which we are accustomed. Please be patient. Media mail is slower than regular mail.
  4. If you are presented the choice of a particular book title or collection, you should be prepared to include that information in your response.
  5. We ask that you be prepared to share the appropriate information with Regina Jeffers, who coordinates the giveaway for the blog. You may reach her at or respond to the email she sends out directly from the Rafflecopter site.
  6. ALL prizes must be claimed within 72 hours of the winners’ announcement, meaning by midnight, Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Prizes not claimed in a timely manner will be presented to an alternate winner.

First up, is our Gianna Thomas. Ms. Thomas’s winners will have his/her choice of an one of three collections. (If the winner is in the U.S, he/she will receive an eBook of the chosen collection. If the winner is international, he/she will received a secured PDF of the collection.) The winners may choose from the … Darcy Vs Collection, The Darcy and Elizabeth Collection, or The Four Lords’ Saga Collection. The winners are Julie McDonough, Aline Azevedo, and SA Fuchs.


Bronwen Chisholm brings us an equally fabulous combination prize, including a pair of Jane Austen-themed socks, a bookmark, and a choice of any of Ms. Chisholm’s paperbacks. That winner is Mikhail Rappoport.  


Amanda Kai is celebrating with two winners. An international winner, Tzippy Sheffi Elgar, will receive an eBook of Not in Want of a Wife, while Jennifer Lu, will receive a print copy of the same title. 


Ms. Tiffany Thomas has an audiobook code for A Look Behind the Mask available for her winner LJ.


Meanwhile, Corrie Garrett will honor three winners with a print copy of her new book, Starch and Strategy. Those winners are Kim Prudhoe, DarcyBennett, and Jessica Beard.


Kirstin Odegaard has three prizes up to present. SB will have his/her choice of an eBook of any of Ms. Odegaard’s books, along with a decorative ornament. Meanwhile, Leeza Stetson will also have a choice of eBooks accompanied by a mug. Finally, Emily Bezemek will have a choice of eBooks and finish it off with an Austen journal. 


Three seems to be the lucky number, for Melanie Schertz has three eBooks copies of The Netherfield Murder available for three different winners. Those winners are KateB, Marsha B., and Susan Robinson.


Regina Jeffers also has three prizes. Will G and Patty Mele will each receive a specialty tea assortment, while Shelly Peterson will receive a “Pemberley” bag. 


Barbara Cornthwaite will present a print copy of Much Ado About Persuasion for one of our winners. That winner is Sally Childs.


Alice McVeigh, likewise, has a print copy of Harriet: A Jane Austen Variation for Ruth Willmore.


Don Jacobson‘s winner of a print copy of In Plain Sight is Cassandra Darensbourgh


Cherith Boardman has an eBook copy of BOTH volumes of Total Want of Propriety waiting for Piroska Blanchette


Meanwhile, Riana Everly has a set of Austen-themed coasters and a signed paperback of The Bennet Affair prepared for Debra Kauer


Ms. E.M. Storm-Smith has a goodie bag and a signed paperback of Reputation: An Easy Thing to Lose waiting for MaryAnn Nagy


Elaine Owen will present a paperback copy of her latest book, Elizabeth and the Fleur de Lys to Nancy Krueger


P.O. Dixon has a $10 Amazon gift card ready for Susan M. Heim, while Bethany Delleman has a like amount ready and waiting for Mary Ann.


Last, but not least, A.K. Madison will present Michelle David with a $15 Amazon gift card, and Kimbelle Pease will do likewise for Danielle Day.



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    cindie snyder

    Congrats to all!

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    Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy the lovely prizes!!!

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    Oh wow! I never win anything! Thank you.

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    Phenomenal prizes. Congrats to all the lucky winners.

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    Thank you so much, and congrats to all the winners!

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    thank you ever so much for the lovely gift! Congratulations to all the winners! Also a big thank you to the authors who donated the prices. It is very much appreciated and gives us reading time to enjoy!!!!

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    Congratulations to all the winners! Hooray!!!

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    Shelley Hoisington

    Congratulations to all of the winners!!

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    Congratulations to all the winners

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    So many winners! Thrilled to be one of them ❤️

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    Wonderful and congratulations to the winners!

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